If you are travelling to Bolivia from the US, there are direct flights from Miami with American Airlines (w aa.com) to La Paz and Santa Cruz. This route takes approximately seven hours and usually costs $800–950 return. There are regular daily flights to Miami from all major US cities.

Obtaining a visa at the Bolivian embassy in advance is FREE OF CHARGE, however if you opt to get your visa at the border, a $95 USD fee will apply. GROUP 3: Passport holders from any of these countries MUST apply for a visa IN ADVANCE and can ONLY apply for one directly at a Bolivian embassy. Visa requirements to enter Bolivia. Tourist visa on Mar 23, 2019 How to Get to The Bolivia Salt Flats from Peru: Official If you are short on time and need to reach Bolivia ASAP, then you can take a plane to La Paz. From La Paz, a bus can then be taken to Uyuni, the Bolivian Salt Flats. Round-trip flights from Lima to La Paz take approximately 2 hours and cost around $215. While the plane is the faster method of getting to Bolivia, it is also by far the most How to Get to Salar de Uyuni | Salar De Uyuni Salar de Uyuni is in quite a remote location, near both the Bolivia-Chile border and the Bolivia-Argentina border. Below are the ways to get there that are most popular among visitors. The length and logistics of your trip will depend on where you’re coming from and where you intend to go afterwards.

In order to get married in Bolivia the following documents must be presented: Certified copy of the U.S. birth certificate authenticated by the U.S. Department of State Authentications Office and by a Bolivian Consul in the United States. Spanish translation of the U.S. birth certificate notarized by a Bolivian Consul in the United States. Valid

Orientation. Sucre is located in the south-central part of Bolivia, in a fertile valley tucked away at the bottom of the twin hills of Churuquella and Sica Sica.The city is the gateway to numerous small villages dating from the colonial era and is the jumping-off point to many trekking and outdoor activities in the Chuquisaca region. Crossing Borders | Argentina to Bolivia — ALONG DUSTY ROADS bus from salta to la quiaca. If you're setting off from the city of Salta, then you'll need an early start. … How to Obtain a Visa for Bolivia As a U.S. Citizen: 14 Steps

Asunción to Bolivia - 6 ways to travel via plane, bus, and car

How to reach Bolivia| Travelling to Bolivia by Flights & Buses Getting to Bolivia shouldn't be a problem as many modes of transport are available. However, some roads may be uneven due to its geography. Reaching Bolivia by Air . The International Airports are at La Paz and Santa Cruz. You need to fly to Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, or Buenos Aires from where you can take connecting flights to Bolivia.