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6. Select Use the Following DNS server addresses and change your DNS to the values recommended by StrongVPN tech support or those of your preference and click OK. 7. Restart the computer. 8. Try to sign in / connect / test your desired website when connected, and if any problems, contact our support team. 9. Jul 24, 2019 · StrongVPN is a zero-logging provider, which means it doesn’t monitor or keep any logs about your online activities. However, there aren’t any more specific details about the no-logs policy StrongVPN is very easy to use, and the speeds are reliable and good enough for most users. If you are new to VPNs then StrongVPN is a good choice. Power users who are mostly concerned about the protocol they use will also like what they see from StrongVPN. If you want to get a good deal, the yearly plan is highly recommended. StrongVPN also includes a “free trial” period of 30-days during which all features are unlocked. Unlike many providers that offer a limited version of their product during the free trial period, StrongVPN allows users to enjoy full access to all of its features.

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Please login below using your account email address and password. Early feedback using @NordVPN.Its great! Stays connected on phones, Strongvpn Strongdns Addon when MBPro wakes it reconnects very fast, incredible choice of servers, speeds vary but to be expected, unblocks geo-gated sites, interfaces a pleasure to use, killswitch is great. https://wg.strongVPN.asia https://wg.strongVPN.cc https://wg.strongVPN.net. For how long is my WireGuard VPN configuration valid? Your configuration is good indefinitely as long as your account is active. The one exception is if you generate >12 configurations. If you exceed 12, your oldest configuration is deleted to accommodate your new one. Sep 01, 2018 · StrongVPN Client is a program that allows you to browse the Internet anonymously. Also, it allows you to bypass the location-based restrictions of certain websites. This program has a simple interface with a number of locations in the drop-down list and you can easily change between them. The good news continued to the end of our unblocking tests, with StrongVPN allowing us to stream Disney+ content and watch US Amazon Prime Video while connected to StrongVPN's US servers. Sep 24, 2019 · StrongVPN is recommended by many review sites. Since I usually don't believe the hype, I decided to put this VPN to a test. Results? Not the best. While they have some truly great features, the slow speed and lack of support just don't add up Mar 02, 2020 · Yes, StrongVPN is a legitimate provider and service. Is StrongVPN a good VPN? Yes, though some features are missing. Does StrongVPN hide my IP address? Yes, we detected no leaks while testing StrongVPN. Does StrongVPN charge monthly? Yes, but you can also opt to pay annually instead. Is StrongVPN a zero-logs VPN? Yes, StrongVPN is a zero-logs VPN.