Part 1. How to Delete Browsing History on iPad Using Safari? To erase browsing history from your iPad, you can try the easiest method - using the Setting function. Go through the following steps to learn how to delete history from iPad Pro, Air, 4, mini, etc. in few clicks. Step 1.

Delete Cookies and Web History in Safari in iOS. Clear your history, cookies, and browsing data from Safari on your iPad or iPhone. 1. Open the Settings app and tap Safari. 2. Tap Clear History How can I clear my browsing history on exit? Nov 16, 2019 How to Clear Safari Browsing History on Apple iPhone or Jun 21, 2017

Jan 22, 2020 · How to Clear Search History Safari, Chrome, Dolphin browsers on Your iPhone, iPad How to Clear Safari Browsing History on iPhone XR, 11 Pro Max, XS Max,X,8,7,6S, iPad Note : For this solution, you don’t have to reset safari setting, iOS update or Remove older data from your iOS device.

May 05, 2019 · This is supposed to get rid of all Extension, Plug-ins, delete all history, delete all cached data, delete all cookies, etc. etc. and reset Safari to "default settings." The instructions tell you to open Safari, select the Safari drop-down window from the upper left corner and then select "Reset Safari." Open Safari. To delete a webste from your Safari browser history, tap the Bookmarks icon. Select History. Once in History, you have two options: You can tap Clear. This will allow you to erase your Safari history from a certain time period by choosing from the menu of options: the last hour, today, today and yesterday, or all time.

How to delete all Safari bookmarks and history on iPhone

Jun 29, 2020 · To clear your Safari browsing history, cookies, and other site-specific data that's been stored locally, choose Clear History at the bottom of the History drop-down menu. If you wish to keep website data (like saved passwords and other autofill information), go to History > Show History , press Cmd+A to select everything, and then press Delete