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VPN online - Safe and Limitless | Goose VPN Service Provider GOOSE VPN ensures safe internet, everywhere in the world and for everyone. We’re a Dutch VPN provider and we make sure your data stays safe and protected, even when you use public networks. A Virtual Private Network is an online VPN connection that uses a local IP address. GOOSE VPN provides encrypted data and ensures a secure connection. Suissl + Easy to use VPN + Surf securely and privately worldwide + Unblock Any Website + Stream TV, movies und sitcoms from Switzerland and the USA + Fastest speed for surfing and downloading + For use with up to 5 devices at once + For use with mobile phones and tablets; Buy now Golden Frog | Global Internet Privacy and Security Solutions

Jul 15, 2020

To use the VPN, you have to activate it once on your Internet-Box and set it up on your device (computer/laptop or smartphone/tablet). Internet-Box 2 supports three same-time connections. Three VPN users have to be created for this. Only one connection is permitted for each user. Note: Only one VPN connection can be set up with Internet-Box plus.

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