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VPN Client Ports - Cisco Community In all cases you will need to open udp/500, however, If you are using NAT-T, then you open UDP/4500 and no need for esp. and/or . if you are using IPSec over tcp 10000, then you open TCP/10000 (not udp/10000), and no need for esp. otherwise you will open only udp/500 and esp without any other protocol. please rate if this is helpful! Ports Needed for VPN Passthrough - Tech on Tour Nov 03, 2007 Open ports for VPN?? | IP Cam Talk

I just installed a Routing and Remote Access VPN service on Windows Server 2008, though I'm not totally sure what ports I need open for that, or what type of VPN I'm using. L2TP, PPTP? Thanks a b

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Jun 27, 2013 · If your VPN is set up correctly, you shouldn't need to open ports on the firewall. The VPN should create a tunnel through the firewall and allow you access to the resources behind the firewall. If you're opening firewall ports, I'd say you're bypassing or you're outside the VPN's tunnel.

what ports need to be open? When setting up access to the SSL VPN - is only port 443 needed to be mapped inbound to the appliance? Or does 80, or others needed?