How to make apt-get accept new config files in an

Linux: how to restore config file using apt-get/aptitude? This will remove any config file, original or modified, but custom files will be preserved, with an onscreen message. Note, by the way, that dpkg also recognizes --force-confnew and --force-confold options. apt-config(8): APT config Query program - Linux man page Name apt-config - APT Configuration Query program Synopsis apt-config [options] [-o config=string] [-c=file] command Description apt-config is an internal program used by various portions of the APT suite to provide consistent configurability. It accesses the main configuration file /etc/apt/apt.conf(5) in a manner that is easy to use by scripted applications.

I am writing a script for a unattended install of a package that is in our repo, it is a software package with one of Debian's marked config files. Is there any option that I can pass to apt-get/aptitude so that it accepts the new config files? Basically I need an apt/aptitude equivalent of dpkg --force-confnew

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sudo apt-get remove --purge moby-cli sudo apt-get remove --purge moby-engine Next steps. Now that you have an IoT Edge device provisioned with the runtime installed, you can deploy IoT Edge modules. If you are having problems with the IoT Edge runtime installing …

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