Mar 04, 2014

Jun 30, 2017 Hey Google hotword not responding on Galaxy S9 - Google Hey Google hotword not responding on Galaxy S9 0 Recommended Did you have an option under voice match to training to train Hey Google? If not it wont listen for that and not all devices have that capability Ok Google always works. Retraining voice model helps for only the short term, then bam, hey google doesnt work again. Google user How to use Chrome's coming voice search feature today Mar 04, 2014 How to enable OK Google hotword detection for Google Voice

Nov 26, 2013 · Through a Chrome browser extension users can now invoke the hotword (or hot phrase) “OK Google” to initiate hands-free searches on the PC. Voice search on Chrome was possible before but you

- Makes phone numbers on websites callable via Google Voice by just clicking on them. - If a phone number doesn't turn into a link on any website (ex: Google Calendar), you can select the text with your mouse and the click to call popup will automatically display (note: might not work with all numbers). googlesamples-assistant-hotword: command not working

JWolfPDX said: I had this exact issue and as a result it appears that the assistant is not properly working i.e. Ok Google hotword detection is not working and I noticed that the Ok Google detection setting in the Google app settings is greyed out. Same here, cannot get to that menu as it closes right after I open it.

Google Assistant not working? Here's how to fix it in just