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For example, if the HP ProCurve Manager client application attaches itself to the interface, and the HP ProCurve Manager server is running on the 15.255.120.* network, there is no way that the client will ever connect successfully to the server. Configure IOS SSL VPN on IOS router | Cacti and HP Procurve You can use the router as Easy VPN client. This is another way of VPN configuration. The router would be a remote access client, which connects to a Easy VPN server. The Easy VPN server could be another Cisco router or a Cisco ASA firewall. There is tons of information about the configuration of Easy VPN on the internet. HP ProCurve - New VLAN and route Nov 30, 2018

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J8750A 90 days ProCurve VPN Client Unlimited License J8471A ProCurve SR 7100/7200 IPSec VPN Module Lifetime ♦ J8463A ProCurve SR dl Wide 8xT1/E1 Module Lifetime ♦ J8462A ProCurve SR dl Analog Modem Backup Module Lifetime ♦ J8461A ProCurve SR …

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Unfortunately spinning up another set of VPN services results in additional systems to support. From servers, to network route changes, firewall changes, to border security, to ownership, documentation, everything. Sometimes it may be easier to point new VPN clients to an existing VPN headend (Cisco ASA) which is already setup. - Why MS VPN Client.