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CCNA4 (Chapter3) Flashcards | Quizlet To implement VPNs, a VPN gateway is necessary. Fill in the blank. A ____ is a secure, reliable, cost-effective way to allow remote users, branches, and suppliers to connect to resources on the company network. VPN Refer to curriculum topic: 3.3.1 Use the acronym. PPP supports _____ authentication that can be used by ISPs to securely IPSec, VPN, and Firewall Concepts VPN types. Key Terms and Acronyms in VPN Technologies These terms and acronyms might help you improve your understanding of general VPN technologies. Acronym Term Definition 3DES Triple Data Encryption Standard A data encryption standard that applies three 56-bit private keys in succession to 64-byte blocks of data. US only.

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VPN - What Does VPN Abbreviation Mean? What does VPN stand for? List of 104 VPN definitions. Updated July 2020. Top VPN abbreviation meaning: Virtual Private Network What does VPN stand for? -