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There’s been a lot of buzz about the recent Wikileaks release of Vault 7. Securing email from prying eyes is a common concern. Encrypting email on the Mac is surprisingly easy, so let’s look How to Encrypt and Password Protect Folders in macOS Sep 17, 2018 How to Password-Protect Folders on Mac Encrypto is a third-party encryption tool available in the Mac App Store. It provides greater ease of use in encryption and decryption, based on a simple drag-and-drop procedure. 1. Install Encrypto from the Mac App Store. 2. Open Encrypto from the Applications folder. 3. Drag the folder you want to encrypt onto Encrypto’s window. HOW TO: Easily Encrypt/Decrypt Folders on a Mac

VeraCrypt (Windows/OS X/Linux) VeraCrypt is a fork of and a successor to TrueCrypt, which ceased …

Tips for Lock Folder on Mac. The following are some tips to help you get the most of your folder encryption process regardless of the method you choose to encrypt the file: Be sure to choose a password that is easy to remember for you, but complex enough that … How To Easily Encrypt Files On Mac - Gizmodo This part is pretty straightforward. Disk Utility will prompt you to pick a folder. Select the folder you want to encrypt, name it whatever you want, and choose 256 AES encryption.

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